“The very nature of a fad is ridiculous because it implies an end. There should be no end to a love of whatever is delicious.” — Fergus Henderson, St. John


Hello, we’re Pellicle.

We’re a brand new magazine devoted to exploring beer, wine, cider, food and travel and the joy we find within these cultures. Online now, podcast soon, print later.

Created by writer and photographer Matthew Curtis alongside brewer and wine enthusiast Jonny Hamilton, Pellicle is a brand new website, podcast and magazine that aims to capture the joie de vivre we so often find within our favourite cultures. This might be at a favourite restaurant, adjacent to a steaming brewhouse or within an orchard or vineyard. At Pellicle, we hope to take you there with us.

Our ethos is about celebrating what makes these cultures so wonderful through insightful journalism, illustration and photography. To us, the worlds of craft beer, natural wine, low-intervention cider—or whatever you like to call them—are as similar as they are different. Our aim is to bring people into these cultures by sharing our enthusiasm for them, all while hopefully bringing these worlds closer together in the process.


Matthew Curtis

Founder, Beer & Cider Editor
Matthew is a freelance writer and photographer, awarded for his work by both the British and North American Guild of Beer Writers. He has worked for multiple publications, including: Ferment, Original Gravity, BEER and Good Beer Hunting, where he served as UK Editor. He lives in North London with his partner Dianne and his cat Cricket.


Jonny Hamilton

Founder, Wine & Food Editor
Jonny is an Edinburgh-based brewer, with a focus on mixed-fermentation, hybrids, and barrel-ageing, previously at Beavertown’s Tempus Project. His passion for eating, drinking, and photography has taken him all around the world to explore food and drink culture. Obsessive collecting and reading of magazines led to a desire to bring Pellicle to life. Always down to dine. Never not ranting.


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